Conservatory Blinds



There are a wide range of blinds available for conservatories. Depending on your desired goal, style preference and window requirements, we have plenty of options to suit your space. 

Pleated blinds such as Perfect Fit Blinds and Intu Blinds are a popular option due to the added benefit of individual operation and heat control. Heat control can be a big issue with conservatories, this is tackled by honeycomb (cellular) fabrics which are the most energy efficient blinds available on the market. They trap air inside two layers, keeping the heat in during winter, out in summer and fit perfectly into most situations.

Perfect Fit® are a unique fitting system developed that requires no drilling or screwing during installation. Quick and easy to install, stylish and contemporary in appearance. Suitable for roller, pleated, venetian and day and night blinds.

Intu® blinds complement your windows in both design and function, making them the intelligent choice for today’s windows. Having no free hanging cord loops, the safety features unique to all of the intu® range are completely integral to the blinds.