External Shading



External shading comes in a variety of different solutions.

Awnings are a versatile form of exterior sun protection, usually placed above a patio. As soon as the rays hit the sun-resistant fabric, they are reflected, absorbed or transmitted depending on the fabric density and colour of the fabric. During the summer months, an awning can give you a comfortable alfresco experience. Can also help with keeping your home cooler and protecting your furnishings from UV rays.

They can be manual crank operated or fully motorised and even connected to a home automation system if required.

Verandas offer a modular solution to adding extra living space to your home. With the ability to start with just a roof and add on fixed glass walls, sliding or bi-folding walls there is a suitable solution for every type of terrace. In addition to shelter, a veranda creates extra living space and increases the value of your home. And perhaps most importantly you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

External rollers provide shading from the outside whilst protecting from the elements and also providing additional security to the space.