Project Planning

Blind Concealment

Blindspace products offer you solutions to future-proof buildings and to conceal blinds in any type of window, gable or skylight. With patent pending solutions they can be installed in any direction to conceal blinds of any size.

The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared for manual or electric blinds and accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. From the smallest windows to massive doors and skylights, our solutions are made to make any blind disappear.

If you have the option, why wouldn’t you?


Preparing your windows for automated shades early in your project can save lots of time and money.

Whether you have decided to have a full home automation system installed or just want the ability to control certain areas, it will definitely make sense to talk to us early on as we will happily give you the no obligation advice you need.

Even if you decide not to have any automation now, future proofing costs a lot less than you may think.